14 Nov 2016



  - Each pair of students create an activity related to REFUGEES.
               * It can be
                        a LISTENING TASK 
                        a READING TASK
                       an SPEAKING TASK
  - Each activity has to be original or adapted (not copied)
  - You can be inspired by the links in our PINTEREST board
  - DEADLINE: December 23rd
  - Each activity has to be under one of the following five categories. Here you have some questions which might be answered when creating a suitable activity:
                     * PERSONAL STORIES:
Where was the person born?
Where did the person live?
Has the person got a family?
Has the person got any studies?
What was the person doing when he decided to start his/her journey?
                     * GEOGRAPHY:
Where does the person come from?
Where did the person start his/her journey?

What is the nationality of the person?
Which country is the person going to?
How long will it take the person to be accepted in his/her “new” country?
What is the process the person should follow?
                     * JOURNEY:
Why did the person start his/her journey?

How long was his/her journey?
                     * HOME CULTURE:
What is the person’s mothertongue?
What other languages does the person speak?

Can you name or tell one tradition of that person’s culture?


      - Students will work in groups according to one of the categories.
      - each group will pick the best activities
      - each group will be responsible for one section of the  magazine

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